You & I Together : Have a Purpose in Reality : Chapter 4 : Sets of Four Parallel Universes

For with God nothing shall be impossible
- Gospel According to Saint Mark

From Bernoulli To Grandi With A Twist Of Asimov
Asimov had an interesting theory he set forth. He said it was possible if symmetry, the basic principle of physics, was correct and is the rule of our universe, then our "universe" is not "the" universe. Rather it is only one of four pieces fit together to form a more probable universe shaped much like a four leaf clover, each leaf being composed by what our present perceptions would lead us to call a "universe".

This diagram shows our universe is composed of matter and energy. It makes up one leaf of the clover. A second leaf is composed of antimatter and energy. We know anti-matter exists. It has already been theorized by mathematicians and scientists. In addition, it has already been found and observed scientifically. According to Asimov, if these two universes got together, they would destroy each other and leave nothing but pure energy. The fusion of these two universes would convert all matter to pure energy. The matter would have been converted entirely to energy. Now we know that matter, when it comes into contact with anti-matter, does just that. We have observed this reaction in the laboratory. Thus two leaves of this "universe" could annihilate each other to form energy.

What keeps the universes apart? According to Asimov, a barrier forms between the two universes which isolates them from each other. This barrier may be similar to the vapor barrier which forms between a drop of water and a hot skillet to keep them apart. Without this barrier the drop of water would evaporate almost instantaneously. This barrier allows the drop of water to dance across the hot skillet as it lives out its relatively long life period.

Having addressed the principle of symmetry for matter and anti-matter, it is now time to address the issue of symmetry for energy. Asimov said the symmetry of energy would have to lie in a concept we have not yet found. Asimov suggested the symmetry for energy might be found in a concept we could call anti-energy

The concept of anti-energy would account for the formation of the other two leaves of the four leaf clover shown above. Of these two leaves, one would be composed of matter and anti-energy and the other composed of anti-matter and anti-energy. If these two leaves came together, they would entirely convert the matter and anti-matter leaving nothing but pure anti-energy.

This would leave nothing but energy and anti-energy as shown above. Asimov then said, if the two bubbles, one composed of pure energy and the other composed of pure anti-energy, merged, they would totally annihilate each other. The question becomes, would ‘What be left?’ Science has no answer to this other than to state that a void is left. Emptiness, nothingness, a lack of anything but a void would then exist. Atheism, panentheism, and present day religions (classical/traditional theism) would agree with science. And what of philosophy? Why philosophy would just scratch its head and look confused.

Now this may be interesting, but what could this possibly have to do with philosophy, religion, science or God? It has everything to do with God, for if everything can be reduced to nothingness or a void, then it would seem to follow that everything we know could have been created from nothing or a void.

In other words, the universe could logically be formed and created from nothingness. God as we conceive of Him could have created the Universe. Not only can we now comprehend this religiously but we can now understand this concept scientifically as well as philosophically. Now the question becomes, "Why would God even consider creating universes out of nothingness? And could the concept of nothingness even exist as science, religion, and philosophy presently imply? What possible purpose could the creation of four universes have to a God - an omniscient being? These are the very issue to be explored in the next topic, "The Universe: One of many Laboratories for Creative Thought".

In Summary

Matter/Energy + Anti-Matter/Energy
Equals Pure Energy

Matter/Anti-Energy + Anti-Matter/Anti-Energy
Equals Pure Anti-Energy

Energy + Anti Energy Equals
Absolute Nothingness

Absolute Nothingness Is Just That : Pure Nothingness

Nothingness Is The Lack Of ALL Things
Including Empiness

Thus From Nothingness Comes Something:
The "Universe" And You And I