Tractate 13 : Metaphysical Systems - Model Building Through Metaphysical Engineering (continued)

2. The Analysis: Application of Ockham's Razor:

Metaphysical Systems #7

'being' being

'b' is
being - action, Process/reality is
‘B’ is not

‘Identity’: Idividuality as ‘the’ entity 'being' being


  1. ‘being’ being establishes a metaphysical system.
  2. ‘being’ exist
  3. being - action, Process/reality - exists
  4. ‘being’ exists ‘within’ being - action, Process/reality

The following is the general flow the metaphysical system (‘being’ being) takes when examined against the most generally accepted concepts held by today's sciences, religions or philosophies.

‘being’s’ relationship to being – action, Process/reality

  1. Process/reality exists
  2. Process/reality has no initiating force, causative factor
  3. Process/reality is omnipresent; as such, everything that is, is in Process/reality
  4. Process/reality is omnipotent. It contains all power
  5. Process/reality is omniscient. It contains all knowledge


  1. Process/reality exists
  2. ‘being’ exists
  3. ‘being’ may be Process/reality
  4. ‘being’ may be ‘within’ but separate from Process/reality

In this metaphysical system, there is no ‘outside’ to Process/reality for there is only ‘being’ – what is and being – action, Process/reality

‘being’ being, even if it is Process/reality itself, is within Process/reality for there is nowhere else to be.

being – action, Process/reality, provides the understanding regarding the significance of ‘being’.

‘being’s’ Significance:

  1. ‘being's’ perception of itself whether as a combination of many or as singular individuality determines its action
  2. The level of significance ‘being’ places upon itself, defines the parameters of its action towards itself as well as towards other ‘beings’
  3. ‘being’ is a part of Process/reality
  4. Within this metaphysical system, ‘being’ perceives itself as existing
  5. Within this metaphysical system, ‘being’s’ ultimate goal is to exist

The significance of ‘being’ now becomes defined.

‘being’s’ defined significance: to exist.

Social Ramifications:

  1. The essence of all ‘being’ is existence.
  2. Continuation of existence is success.
  3. Termination of existence is failure
  4. being – action, Process/reality generates ‘being’
  5. Philosophical label: Physical Hedonism

The metaphysical system of (‘being’ being) provides the logic needed to prioritize all action.

The metaphysical system of (‘being’ being) establishes the status levels between ‘beings’ themselves. ‘being’s’ existence takes precedence over all else including the existence of other ‘beings’

Through the metaphysical system of (‘being’ being), we form an understanding regarding the interrelationship between ‘being’ – what is and being – action, Process/reality. Under the metaphysical system of (‘being’ being), it is the responsibility of ‘being’ to manipulate action - Process/reality in order to extend ‘being’s’ existence in time, in order to extend ‘being’s’ existence in Process/reality.

We can begin to understand this metaphysical system by examining three characteristics of being – action, Process/reality, within which ‘being’ is:

The metaphysical system of (‘being’ being) assigns a location within which the summation of knowledge is confined. It is confined ‘within’ the totality of being – action, Process/reality.

The metaphysical system of (‘being’ being) implies a location within which the summation of power is confined. It is confined ‘within’ the totality of being – action, Process/reality.

The metaphysical system of (‘being’ being) implies a location within which the summation of ‘location’ itself, ‘within’ which being – action, Process/reality, is confined. Process/reality, being –action is confined ‘within’ itself.

Process/reality, being –action, is confined ‘within’ itself because there is ‘nowhere’ else to be.

Impact Regarding ‘being’, individuality:
being – action, Process/reality, defines the location of ‘being’. The location of ‘being’ is seemingly insignificant, but the subtlety initiations enormous perceptual and behavioral actions ‘within’ Process/reality. Understanding the relationship between ‘being’ and being – action, Process/reality, establishes the foundation for the examination of the metaphysical system of (‘being’ being) in particular.

Process/reality, action, being:
At this point in time, there are two options to consider.

Option 1: Process/reality itself is different from everything within it and has no origination. Thus Process/reality had no ‘originator’. Reality, Process/reality has always existed.

The premise that Process/reality had no beginning, had no creative originating force is supported by no observations and no logic. Is the concept of Process/reality having no beginning an option to consider? Certainly it is an option to consider.’ However, the question is not: Is the option of ‘it always was’ an option to consider but rather is it the most logical option.

Option 2: All things within Process/reality appear to have an identifiable beginning, therefore Process/reality, action, being, itself must have an identifiable beginning and thus, an originator, Creator. Since there are only two factors involved in this metaphysical system, Process/reality would have to be the creator of its own ‘being’.

Assuming we accept the premise of Process/reality, action, being, being an originator, the original force, the source of the beginning of itself, we can then move on to examine the concept regarding ‘being’, and its function within this metaphysical system.

The metaphysical system of (‘being’ being) provides a well-structured understanding as to the rational interrelationships between ‘beings’, to the rational interrelationships between ‘being’ and its own ‘being’, and to the rational interrelationships between ‘being’ and ‘being’s’ environment:

The Metaphysical System of (‘being’ being) Establishes:
In essence, ‘being’ becomes the focus.

Growth, equilibrium, decay are three choices for the state of being, which in this particular metaphysical system, is the whole, totality. The rational choice this metaphysical system establishes is decay. Permanent equilibrium is an unnatural state presently found ‘within’ Process/reality. Timeless growth of individuality, any individuality, contradicts what we observe around us.

The metaphysical system of (‘being’ being) offers us the ‘hope’ of being able to exist a ‘limited’ time. It offers us the despair of certain termination.

As such, ‘being’, has no universal responsibility.

Understanding responsibilities as defined by significance within Process/reality defines actions ‘being’ initiates while functioning within the concept of Process/reality, action, being. Under the metaphysical model of (‘being’ being), the annihilation of being – action, Process/reality’s mechanism, destroys not only our ‘being’ but the home of ‘being’, destroys being – action, Process/reality itself. Under a metaphysical perception of (‘being’ being), the annihilation of Process/reality itself would destroy our actions, our ‘accomplishments, as ‘beings’, for action exists ‘within’ Process/reality and without perceived Process/reality, action – being, there is no perceived ‘being’.

Is the metaphysical system of (‘being’ being) a complete system? Yes, paradoxically it is completed through the process of identity. And why is such a system paradoxical? It is paradoxical for being – action, Process/reality creates ‘being’, but without ‘being’ no action can take place.

Under the Metaphysical System of (‘being’ being):

  1. being – action, Process/reality generates ‘being’
  2. ‘being’ generates being – action, Process/reality
  3. There is no higher directive than ‘to exist’

‘being’s, individuality’s main directive is physical hedonism: to exist for its own self.

‘Being’s , main directive is nonexistence for ‘Being’s’ being is not.

Type of System:
A Cartesian metaphysical system