Existence : In and of Itself : The Four Elemental Particles of Existence (Continued)

What happens in the case of the dog when the physical is removed from this model of reality? The model becomes:

Experiencing remains intact due to awareness keeping the vessel of existence ‘inflated’ through its presence. Awareness acts as a form of force providing the means by which experiencing exists in a non-physical existence. Eliminating the physical does not eliminate awareness for ‘awareness of experiencing’ is non-physical in nature and as such is not eliminated with the elimination of the physical.

The rock and the dog both lack the next elemental layer of existence:

The dog does exist as a part of the physical. The dog does experience. The dog is aware of its experiencing. The dog is not aware of its existence. The rock lacks not only the knowing but lacks the awareness of experiencing. Both the dog and the rock have no knowing regarding their lack of awareness of existing; have no knowing of their awareness.

The dog, unlike the rock, has capacity to be aware of its surroundings and as such the dog is not only experiences the act of falling but is aware of its experiencing the act of falling. The dog not only experiences the act of falling frame by frame but the dog is capable of storing the act of falling as a sequential event in its memory chip which is lacking in the rock. As such, the dog experiences the act of falling in terms of frames on the total movie of falling and as such each frame is stored as opposed to burning up as the new frame in the sequencing of falling form. The incremental acts recorded on the frames are not destroyed but exist within the environment of abstraction and as such last as long as abstraction remains intact.

With the obliteration of the physical, the dog’s awareness – being non-physical remains for by definition, if the whole of the physical is obliterated by any means – expansion into obliteration, contraction into obliteration, collapse into a lower vacuum potential level, etc. – all the physical evaporates. Awareness, however, in and of itself is not physical and thus remains.

In the case of the dog, existence ‘exists’ but, like the rock, existence exists only in the sense of abstraction existing and as such nihilism dominates for existence in the limited sense of the abstract, being not only timeless but eternal in all manners not only in the sense of timelessness. Again here today gone tomorrow is in truth a possibility. In the case of the rock existing without any awareness of its existence existing did in essence not exist at all. In the case of a dog’s, cow’s, human’s, individual awareness void knowing of its awareness, and in the case of the collective human consciousness’ (Jung), sleeping conscious’ (Gurdjieff), existence is dependent upon the existence of abstraction.

What happens to entities, such as humans, possessing ‘knowing’ as a third layer within the internal bowels of the vessel existence?

What then of the knowing of awareness of the physical and/or the abstract?

Now when one removes the physical one obtains:

Present in this diagram is a core previously lacking with the both the rock and the dog. The core is labeled: knowing.

This knowing is in essence the subconscious - Gurdjieff, the elements comprising the ‘collective conscious’ - Jung, the soul of the human entity. The knowing is one step removed from a dog just as the dog is one step removed from the rock and the rock is one step removed from the point of potentiality of existence which in turn is one step removed from ‘nothingness’ itself – See The War and Peace of a New Metaphysical Perception, Volume II, Tractate 10: The Error of Heidegger – Resolving the problem of the void of a void.

This appears to be no different than what occurs with an entity lacking ‘knowing’ of its awareness but possessing awareness of experiencing.

The observation is strikingly accurate if one concludes the understanding of reality, as demonstrated in the diagram, is complete. The diagram sequencing, however, is not complete.

If we remove the abstract we obtain:

The result of removing the abstract after removing the physical is that the individual’s knowing and awareness of its experiencing is left intact but left intact immersed within ‘nothing’. The concept that the individual’s knowing and the individual’s awareness of its experiencing can be left intact void any other existence is illogical and totally unexplainable. To resolve the irrationality some other layers of the diagram must added.

Adding the missing diagram sequencing gives us:

Experiencing, awareness of experiencing, and knowing of the awareness of experiencing have been added as additional layers ‘beyond’ the abstract.

Now if we remove the physical and the abstractual we obtain:

And now if we remove knowing of one’s awareness of experiencing’ we obtain:

The new understanding of existence now begins to emerge in terms of existence’s relationship to both what lies ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ the vessel of existence. An understanding begins to emerge regarding the ‘relative’ terms ‘inside’ and ‘outside’.

Again, the inner region defined by the vessel of existence needs more exploration before we move to examine the vessel of existence, in and of itself, move to examine the region outside the vessel of existence, and move to examine the interrelationship of the three ‘regions’.
Introducing the abstract, the non-physical, the incorporeal into the picture concerning the vessel of existence and reality, did not eliminate the problem of nihilism. As was demonstrated, the elimination of the abstract and the physical left us with:

The diagram is irrational since the diagram leads to the conclusion that either spontaneous generation exists, i.e. existence emerges from a ‘nothing’, which in turn is the primal form of existence, or ‘nothing’ emerges from existence, i.e. nihilism is the primal form of existence.

The possible existence of reality as demonstrated is not only irrational but leads to the understanding that experiencing of both the physical and the abstract becomes the second point of nihilistic concern since awareness of the physical is not enough to eliminate the concept of eventual annihilation of existence for there is no awareness of abstractual experiencing unless awareness is a part of the picture as shown when both the physical and the abstractual have been removed.

Experiencing of the abstract, as exemplified by a dog, cat, or mouse void knowing of one’s awareness of experience is subject to the limits the physical and/or abstract. Knowing of one’s awareness of one’s experiencing in turn is subject to the limits of the abstract since the physical and the abstract have been clearly demonstrated through science (in particular: Einstein’s equations) and the arts to be directly intertwined.