This website is dedicated to the creation of a Universal Philosophy for life universally and for humankind in particular using the metaphysical concept of Symbiotic Panentheism. The purpose of this fifty-year project is to fuse Ontological, Cosmological, and Metaphysical Systems into one system in order that we, humankind, may 'put our house in order. A Universal Holistic System gives us a united interpretation as to what it is we believe, observe, and reason. It strengthens us as individuals and as a species. It fuses our religions, sciences, and philosophies into a model demonstrating our purpose and thereby strengthening our resolve to protect the rights of the individual while understanding our importance as a species within the Universe. A Universal Holistic System provides us with a means of reinforcing one of the primary axioms we have learned during our development as a species: "United we stand, divided we fall."

Until we unify our three means of perception, we will remain a divided species. Until we unify our three means of perception, we will remain 'a house divided' into three factions: religion, science, and philosophy. Until we unify our three means of perception, we will remain 'a house at war with itself' and 'a plum ripe for the picking. Religion, science, and philosophy are three entities that we, you and I, have created. They are entities we have cultivated, shaped, and helped evolve over thousands of years. They are entities that have been so good to us yet so viciously damaging to us. They have been entities we have encouraged to remain independent of each other, suspicious of each other, and antagonistic towards each other. Unifying them does not eliminate the 'good' they have to offer us. Unifying could, however, significantly reduce the negatives they will inflict upon the future. Until we unify these three means of perception, they will remain our own self-inflicted nemesis. To learn more about the project of creating a Universal Philosophy, please see the
Project Overview section below.

About this Website
This site espouses:

  1. Consciousness, being, is composed of the same ‘substance and essence as God’
  2. You do not dissolve into nothingness upon death
  3. ‘Living your religion rather than leaving your religion’
  4. Two moral absolutes:
    • Protect the right and ability of the individual to travel life unimpeded
    • Travel life unimpeded

The work contained on this website may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means for educational or commercial purposes. The copyright was obtained only to protect the source and the integrity of the work and to guarantee your access and permission to reproduce this material. These concepts are not my own. They are the merging and logical conclusion to the blending of ideas created within a society supported and maintained by vast numbers of people, including you, and those who came before you.

Questions to the Author
Where are you looking to find such a foundation for man?
I am looking where Heidegger said we may least likely expect to find it. 'What could the ground and foundation be for the new autochthony? Perhaps the answer we are looking for lies at hand; so near that we all too easily overlook it.'

As a metaphysical ethicist, what aspects of our species do you perceive to be closest to us?
Religious, scientific, and philosophical perceptions appear to lie closer to our hearts than anything physical we could name. We are willing to give our blood for them, die for them, and in some cases even give up the lives and blood of our children and spouses for them.

Heidegger states: 'Meditative thinking demands of us that we engage ourselves with what at first sight does not go together at all.' As a philosopher, what is it that you perceive ' first sight does not go together at all.'?
Science, philosophy, and religion are the most obvious example of 'what at first sight does not go together at all.' Scientific perceptions, religious perceptions, and philosophical perceptions not only avoid each other; they intentionally antagonize each other.

What is it science, religion, and philosophy each embrace, jealously wish to claim as their own, and refuse to share with the other two?
Religion embraces the existence of a 'Divine Being'. Science and philosophy both support this perception: science with its concept of 'Primal Cause' and philosophy with its concept of 'First Cause'. Science embraces the existence of a 'Universe'. Philosophy and religion both support this perception: philosophy with its concept of 'reality' and religion with its concept of 'creation'. Philosophy embraces the existence of a 'being', the individual. Religion and science both support this perception: religion with its concept of the 'soul' and science with its concept of 'life'.

These three fields of developing perceptions - science, philosophy, and religion, have been with us for thousands of years. What could they possibly have to offer us that would generate the 'ground and foundation...for the new autochthony.'? What is it the three - religion, science, and philosophy - have to offer that '...lies at hand; so near that we all too easily overlook it.'?
The fact that science, religion, and philosophy have been with us so long is exactly what makes them lie so 'near'. This close proximity may have been the very reason we have overlooked the 'new ground and foundation' they have to offer. Philosophy, science, and religion have offered us three independent means of developing perceptions regarding our significance as individuals and as a species. History has recorded over and over again the results of such divided perceptions. Now we have the opportunity to fuse scientific, religious, and philosophical perceptions of reality into one Universal Holistic System and examine the impact such a united perception would have upon ourselves as individuals and as a species.

Science, philosophy, and religion have been at odds with each other for a long time. Isn't attempting to bring the three together an almost impossible if not impossible task?
Yes, and this only reinforces rather than diminishes Heidegger's statement'...the way to what is near is always the longest, and thus the hardest, for humans.'

What 'new', 'unique' focus does this ten-year project take?
The focus of this project is to generate one Universal Holistic System through the process of fusing the three independent Holistic Systems of Ontological (religious), Cosmological (scientific), and Metaphysical (philosophical) system.

How is this different from what we are presently doing in society?
Presently society basically keeps science, philosophy, and religion separated. Presently, the three - science, religion, and philosophy - work to keep themselves separated. This new approach, uniting the three, is so obviously simple that it lies at the heart of the idea: 'Perhaps the answer we are looking for lies at hand; so near that we all too easily overlook it.'

Does this fused perspective replace the three?
A fused perspective would not replace philosophy, religion, or philosophy. Upon mutual agreement, the fused perspective would be placed below the three to act as a foundation for the three, for the individual, and for our species. The fusion of the three would not replace any of the three nor would it replace all three as a whole. Each of the three - our ability to reason (philosophy), our ability to observe (science), and our ability to believe (religion), have their own unique characteristics which can never be replaced by the other two. Religion deals with the abstract. Science deals with the concrete. Philosophy deals with understanding how the abstract and the concrete are related. In order to be acceptable to all three, a Universal Holistic System would have to be built through a joint effort of the three. Once established, changes within this Universal Holistic System would, by definition, have to be jointly generated, maintained and modified by the three. All the while this is being done, the three must be encouraged to remain separate and unique while fully respecting, tolerating, and enjoying each others company. This separation of the three is critical. It allows the three to maintain their independence from the other two. It allows the three to continue to work uninhibited by the other two. Lastly, maintaining the independence of the three is a symbolic act. Maintaining the independence of the three demonstrates to the rest of us, to you and I, how we can remain separate and unique as individuals while fully respecting, tolerating, and enjoying each others company.

So Now What?
Now look around. As you do, keep in mind that the clutter you see on this website is not random clutter. It is generated by a project in progress. It is clutter constantly being shuffled as the project evolves. As the project nears its end, it will begin to show more and more of its permanent form. In the meantime, if you can overlook the clutter, you are welcome to make yourself at home and look around. This website is yours to peruse. This website represents forty years of 'waiting upon' and 'meditating over' the concepts of finding a 'new ground and foundation' for you, for me, for our species, and for other species we will undoubtedly encounter in the days to come. The 'waiting upon' and 'meditating over' culminated in 1994 with the conceptual understanding of a 'new ground', a 'new foundation for humanity'. This new foundation would support, rather than supersede, science, religion, and philosophy. 1995 saw the initiation of the hard-copies outlining the various aspects of this new foundation (Books, CD's, Presentations, Competitions, Audio Tapes, Radio Talk Show, Articles, etc..). Its projected completion date is December, 2005. They are here for your examination, enjoyment, and discussion.

Regarding additions to this website
For current additions, please see Post 2004 icon at the top of this page.

What this website does

  • This website provides the means by which one can logically understand the concept of eternity and the logic behind the concept that each and every individual is responsible for their actions.
  • This site provides the understanding, via logical arguments, as to how each individual’s action, of which they are solely responsible, affects the eternal existence of The All, affects the eternal / metaphysical living environment of the individual taking the action, affects the eternal / metaphysical living environment of all other individuals, affects eternity itself, affects The Absolute Itself.
  • This site provides the rational arguments necessary to allow one to stand tall against the violence that emerges from nihilistic perceptions, the violence that emerges from the lack of significance of the individual, and the violence that emerges from hierarchical concepts of all forms be they racial, sexual, gender, cultural, religious, …
  • This website provides the rationale supporting the existence of The All / God, the physical universe, and the individual.
  • This website, through reason and logic, encourages one to live their religion.
  • This site provides the means to argue the concept that the lives of all individuals have significance and purpose and that because of this we all, each and every one of us, have the responsibility for protecting such rights.
  • This website provides the rationale needed to understand the concept that ‘nothingness’ may not only exist but this website provides the rationale needed to understand the very functionality of ‘nothingness’. Such an endeavor emerges from the concept that if humankind is capable of using the concept of ‘nothingness’ as an integral aspect of it’s religions, philosophies, sciences, and mathematics it is only logical to reason that The All / The Absolute / The Singularity / Allah / Jehovah / God is capable of doing so.
  • This website provides a foundation upon which the pillars of religion (beginning with Atheism) in all their grandeur may stand.

What this website does not do

  • This site does not shy away from anything.
  • The website does not introduce a new religion into the fray of human religious perceptions:
  • This website does not suggest one should nor does it encourage one to leave their religion.
  • This website does not deny the existence of The All / God, the physical universe, or the individual.
  • This website does not deny eternity nor does it deny the concept that individuals are responsible for their actions.
  • This site does not establish logical arguments against any individual perception.
  • This site is not pacifistic in nature. This site provides the logic necessary to understand the significance of the individual and what that means in terms of protecting the rights of the individual.
  • This site does not provide the logic necessary to embrace pessimistic concepts.
  • This site does not reinforce the violence that emerges from nihilistic perceptions, the violence that emerges from the lack of significance of the individual or from hierarchical concepts of any nature be they racial, sexual, gender, cultural, religious, etc.
  • This site does not reinforce nor does it provide any form of rationality capable generating any form of tolerance for genocide, subjugation of the individual or human degradation of any form.
  • Having said this let me record for your perusal what it was that was freely given to me and as such I freely give to you.

Project Overview

  • 1995 - 1996
    Final draft of "You and I Together: Have a purpose in reality" completed. This was a process of coalescing forty years of thoughts regarding a Universal Holistic System. From these notes, a model was constructed. The impact was then examined regarding this particular model and the effect it would have upon humanity in terms of the most cherished concepts embraced by the individual as well as those embraced by our species.

  • 1996 - 1997
    Final draft of "In the Image of God" completed. This step involved testing the practicality of a Universal Holistic System. The work examines the ability of the System to resolve twenty futuristic socially-divisive issues and ten current socially-divisive issues.

  • 1997 - 1998
    Final draft of "Stepping up to the Creator" completed. Once the system had been developed, the impact examined, and the practicality tested, the Universal System needed to be formalized, expanded, and validated against what it is we believe - religion, what it is we observe - science, what is is we reason - philosophy, and what it is we've been told about change - prophecy. The work takes on a three-dimensional matrix format. The matrix format was used to help the reader move in and out of the 900 various topics and levels of difficulty.

  • 1998 - 1999
    Final draft of the Cross Reference Guide and Index" completed. Because of the expansiveness of the project, the need arose to find a means of cross-referencing the intricacies of the project. This was accomplished through the development of a cross-reference sectioned into five categories: Questions Addressed, Flowcharts, Thematic Index, Index, and Glossary.

  • 1999
    First draft of CD completed: The project was converted into Adobe Acrobat format. This was done to make the project user-friendly. The CD assists the exploration of the project through the power of the search engine called Adobe Acrobat. The CD will be updated as the project progresses.

  • 1999
    First draft presently unfolding on site of "On 'being' being 'Being'" This is a technical work intended for deep thinkers. Its intent is, through constructive criticism, to examine the error of humanity's perceptual journey generated by philosophers over the last twenty-five hundred years. The Universal Holistic System of Symbiotic Panentheism acts as the foundation of the constructive criticism.

  • 1999
    First draft of CD completed: Multimedia presentation of the project as well as other misc. lectures. This series of lectures/presentations is made in person. Even philosophers must strive to apply practical applications to their work. The Wehope Foundation is a nonprofit organization established by this philosopher in an attempt to apply the fundamental principles he espouses.

  • 1999
    CD - Part I. Audio readings of articles. The CD's are custom made. Please link to for additional information.

  • 1999
    CD - Part II. Audio readings of articles. The CD's are custom made. Please link to for additional information.

  • 2000
    Multimedia Presentation - A Universal Philosophy. This is a 981-slide presentation, in Adobe Acrobat format, that explores the means by which we could attain a universal philosophy. This presentation will be available for online viewing later this year.

  • 2000
    In the articles section of the Library page, a number of articles are avalable for viewing. These are works-in-progress and are intended to be incorporated into a new trilogy to be completed later this year.

  • 2000
    A new page "Reflections" has been added to the site. These are an account of my thoughts and reflections on a variety of philosophical issues and questions.

  • 2000
    A new page "Aphorisms" has been added to the site.

  • 2000
    A new page "Definitions" has been added to the site.

  • 2000 - 2003
    The final tractate of the third volume of a new trilogy was placed online. The complete trilogy - The War & Peace of a New Metaphysical Perception - introduces a new perceptual model of reality. The work is intent upon establishing the understanding of a new metaphysical system, which combines the Aristotelian metaphysical system of Cartesianism and the Hegelian metaphysical system of non-Cartesianism into one system. The three volumes of the new trilogy are as follows:
    1. 2001: Volume I - On 'being'
    2. 2001: Volume II - On 'being' being
    3. 2001: Volume III - On 'being' being 'Being'
  • 2003 – 2005
    Existence: In and of Itself - Introductory Work to Trilogy II: The War and Peace of a New Metaphysical Perception.

  • 2004
    Convert and place on line: The War and Peace of a New Metaphysical Perception to an Ontological Version.

  • 2004 – 2005
    Convert complete site from HTML to CSS / DHTML to stabilize site for the long term and to facilitate removing and reinstalling site if it becomes corrupted through use or hacking.

  • 2005
    New Site Appearance, Complete All Sections of the site except ‘Latest Additions’, Add additional sections to the site, and Complete Final Appearance of Site.

  • 2005
    Move the project to the more advanced interactive www tool of blogging.